Neilson Turn of Year – Campaign of the Month

The Challenge
Neilson Holidays were preparing for what they expected to be a busy Peaks (Turn of Year) period, where the focus was to be heavily on driving summer 2017 bookings. Peaks is a busy and competitive time for the entire travel industry, and our challenge was to increase direct customer acquisition, retention and value through an insight driven, optimised customer experience.

Our strategy began with identifying yield opportunity in Neilson’s existing database, understanding their ‘Best-fit’ prospects and creating new customers using third party data.
Using segmentation and profiles we were able to understand and target Neilson’s previous customer audience based on their location, previous resort visited and customer type. This enabled us to drive stronger, more personalised creative. Our next method of targeting was to protect every lead by using previous enquirers/brochure requesters as warm prospects, and third party data to create prospects based on modelled criteria and location.

The solution/ the big idea
The solution was a fully integrated campaign. For existing database customers this included personalised DM packs, emails and landing pages to re-target previous customers. The level of personalisation on these included the previous Neilson resort they had visited to remind them of their last holiday, as well as variable images that denoted whether they’d been on a family or a couple’s holiday. There were also x2 other variable resort locations within this that were relevant to the customer’s previous Neilson holiday (e.g. same departure airport/ same recommended resort sporting activities).

For our cold prospects, we sent out a DM pack highlighting Neilson’s vast range of resorts and activities. We also targeted these leads with a reengagement eDM that directed them to complete our ‘Find your thing’ quiz. This data capture click-through quiz enabled users to find themselves their perfect type of Neilson holiday, and recommended resort/booking options on the results page.

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So far, the campaign has resulted in £916k incremental revenue, with results still maturing, representing a 10:1 ROI overall.

Neilson Campaign