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The WDMP copywriters received an early Christmas present this year in the form of an inspirational DMA event at Google’s UK headquarters.

Anatomy of Greatness showcases examples of extraordinary writing, and those lucky enough to get tickets to this sell-out event were treated to three powerful pieces from past and present.

First we heard from the writer who created the iconic tone of voice for Innocent drinks.

Was this part of a carefully conceived, strategically-directed exercise in brand building? Nope. The writer happened to be a friend of the founder of the company, and in return for minimal payment, free smoothies and creative freedom, he proceeded to write sublime, off-the-wall copy that succeeded in setting Innocent apart from other drink companies. Is there a lesson there for us all?


Next we went back to the ‘golden age of advertising’ and a classic Father’s Day ad for Chivas Regal.

It was proof of the power of long copy, 29 one-sentence paragraphs long, and with the product only mentioned in the very last. The preceding sentences conveyed beautifully, through a son’s eyes, the importance of his father to him.

The copy conjures up images and feelings every son can relate to, and has lost none of its power to move you in the several decades since it was written.


Finally we were brought back to modern day with a reading of the final scene from the script of the Oscar-winning film Moonlight.

This is where our protagonist reconnects with the one person he has been able to show love to in his life. Neglected as a child, bullied as a teenager and imprisoned as a young man, the words are mesmerising less for what is said than what remains unsaid. It’s supreme writing that brought an engrossing evening to a moving end.

Gareth Lloyd – Head of Copy WDMP

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