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In 2017 Just Eat entered the FTSE 100. They were no longer a young agile start up but a mature PLC with a market cap bigger than Sainsburys!  However, with new upstarts such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats grabbing 15% share of every city they launched in, Just Eat had to become smarter at defending its leadership position.


We took a years’ worth of customer data, including all order transactional data including cuisine type. We matched this to the WDMP Universe Database at the individual level, a database of 33m UK households with over 400 lifestyle and demographic attributes. This allowed us to cluster the customers into 10 core audiences and identify average order value and frequency.

Having proved this as being significant we were able to apply this across the rest of the 18m customer base to deliver actionable segments


WDMP then developed a strategy to test and learn from a programme of personalised email communications to each of the priority segments with propositions based on the lifestyle information, cuisine preferences, recommendations plus targeted voucher-based offers.

We were also able to test different day of week communications for different segments plus also a lunch time office worker programme for key urban segments. We also tested differing voucher-based offers per segment, day of week and time of day.


Our insight and improved creative drove both higher engagement rates (measured by open and click thru’s) and improved conversion to order delivering several £million incremental revenue. We also identified specific segments who responded well to new propositions and alternative communication days e.g. Younger Professional Couples on Sundays, Students on Mondays – driving incremental revenue from normally quieter order periods.

The segmentation was then applied across acquisition activity, including TV and social media buying and was presented to the City as a demonstration of their understanding of their consumers in their “Capital Markets” presentation.

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