Creating a global fan club


WDMP were approached by some of the world’s most significant football agents to help capitalize on a huge opportunity.

Their ambition was to engage with one of the biggest social fan bases in the world – football fans – and offer them the chance to subscribe to a content experience they could not get anywhere else in the world.

With footballing titans such as Beckham, Neymar, Messi, Cantona and Zidane involved, it offered a unique opportunity to create the premier platform for over 500,000,000 fans that would give them unprecedented access to their heroes.


Football has global appeal and the stars on the pitch genius and off pitch celebrity gave them huge reach across varied audiences in almost every country in the world.

To start, our decision science team analysed social data from 5 continents to establish, which players had the greatest reach, what content captivated the greatest engagement, how differing pricing models could work and likely the likely impact on conversion to subscription.

WDMP then defined the full customer journey based upon multiple engagement models – “freemium” and “premium”.

Our ambition was to move the customer from trialist to advocate using ever more personalised content, dynamically delivered through the appropriate channel and aligned to the engagement behaviors of the individual customer.

To ensure a world class journey, WDMP’s Mar-tech experts helped shortlist and select Braze as a campaign management tool that would match the ambition for millions of communications being deployed in real time based around consumer engagement.

WDMP developed a creative look and style for the customer communications and entirely dynamic templates that could personalise and deploy contents aligned to individual behaviours.


In the first instance our strategy and decision science team collaborated with the

OTRO team to build a business case that unlocked over £50m in investment.

With investment secured, WDMP then worked with OTRO to bring the proposition to life and develop a world class customer experience.

This was a project that needed to be done at speed – and in less than 20 weeks – the WDMP team helped;

  • Choose and implement the omni-channel campaign management environment
  • Define the full customer journey across freemium and premium customers
  • Develop over 30 templates to deliver dynamic content at a customer level across 200 countries and 9 languages
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