Powering their CRM Vision 


Wonga’s ambition was to continue revenue generation to a diminished customer and prospect base, under a revised and compliant business model. Their desire was to outsource their entire CRM capability to drive positive prospect and customer behaviour, and experiences with the brand, across all direct & digital channels.


Our key analytical, tech & CRM strategists worked together to utilise our growth acceleration framework for Wonga.


Our first port of call was to truly understand the Wonga base. Leveraging our Data Science capabilities, we undertook a series of data analytics and modelling strategies that enabled integration, with all channels centred around the individual consumer. Data driven insight allowed us to get the right communications, to the right people, in the right channel, at the right time of their journey.


From this we created an ambitious prospect and customer experience journey that would truly transform Wonga’s business. Triggered by transactional and behavioural data, we served omni-channel always-on automated customer journeys, which allowed us to have meaningful and dynamic relationships with consumers at every stage of the performance vision journey.

Enabling Platforms

Campaigns and data are connected to, and powered by, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) campaign management tool.

The heart of the solution was an intelligently designed Marketing Single Customer View (SCV) database. The SCV receives daily and weekly refreshes of prospect, customer and behavioural data and serves this out to the relevant consumer touchpoints.


We defined, built and delivered an entirely joined-up direct capability and full customer journey experience.  Leveraging machine learning algorithms, we deployed an always-on approach to measurement and optimisation. Connecting to the SCV & SFMC, we created a bespoke dashboard for Wonga to showcase the true incremental value derived from each journey, communication and individual.

Tech Creative Data


Within less than 6 months, we delivered a best in class direct capability solution that was an always-on incremental revenue driver for Wonga – achieving an ROI of 4:1 in the first 2 quarters of initial roll-out.

Our automated solution also meant a positive impact on staffing levels, generating a large upside in resource capacity and efficiency for Wonga.

“WDMP revolutionised our direct marketing capability – delivering a best in class automated trigger programme that continues to drive revenue month on month”

James McMaster - UK Head of Marketing at Wonga

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