Vonage Launches Direct Response Campaign

Our launch campaign for Vonage is now underway. The 8-week direct response campaign launches Vonage’s new SME multi-line office phone system utilising national press, regional press, radio and digital media. The creative approach uses direct, challenging headlines to highlight to small business owners that they don’t need to compromise on their choice of office phone…

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The Accidental Marketer – Why left of field thinking often wins the day

We’ve all experienced it – the “we’ve always done it that way” attitude or the “we’re in the business of running our business” and not satisfying a consumer need. And there have been some spectacular business fails to illustrate this. Take Blockbuster, an entrenched retailer and not an entertainment provider. I was part of a…

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Thought piece

Hyundai Launches The All – New Tucson

Hyundai launched a new SUV, the All-New Tucson in September 2015, to replace the current ix35 model. We were tasked with creating a bold integrated campaign aligned with the proposition ‘Change is good’ which was to be driven by DM and an a email programme. Our customer journey questioned the traditional methods and instead delivered…

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Time to refresh the way we think about B2B prospecting in the digital age

We’ve been giving this some serious thought over the past few months. How can we make prospecting relevant to a company’s strategy and who in that organisation should we be targeting?? To solve this WDMP and our Science Dept. have launched a new B2B prospecting tool. Our Data Scientists have found a way to now target…

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